Little Rosie

As any parent with a daughter knows - or will eventually know - there comes a precious time in each girl's life between childhood and adulthood when she is still your little girl, but she's starting to really develop and test out her own wings. She'll eventually use those wings to fly off into her own adult life. But, for now, she's still tucked away in your nest. These are the years that can result in memories that will last a lifetime. And that's particularly true on the pageant circuit. This is when competition really starts to get serious and can spell the difference between a hobby that is easily given up and a lifetime career and a world of opportunities. You want the best for your pageant queen, which is why we so highly recommend girls' pageant dresses from Little Rosie.

Look elegant in an original Little Rosie Pageant Dress from Winning pageant dresses for stage girls. Sizes available from 2 to 16 tailored in tulle, organza, satin and outstanding dress top embellishments. Free shipping and garment bag with every order over $250! or get it sooner with drop shipment service.