Prima Donna Pageant Dresses – Gorgeous Gowns Just Waiting for Crowns!

Prima Donna Pageant Dresses – Gorgeous Gowns Just Waiting for Crowns! is excited to offer a gasp-worthy collection of stunning Prima Donna pageant dresses for women made by Rachel Allan. These enchanting competition dresses are crafted to keep all eyes on you, with colors, cuts and intriguing designs that help you express your personality while flattering your figure. In a rainbow of colors ranging from Blueberry to Creamsicle, Prima Donna pageant dresses are also ideal for every skin tone, hair color and eye color.

At Pageant Designs, we consider the pageant dreams behind every dress that leaves our shop. We imagine the lovely little girl, young woman or lady that will wear the dress, and how wonderful and confident it will make her feel. But for as often as we imagine who will be wearing the pageant dresses we sell, we also sometimes imagine the celebrities that we could envision wearing a particular gown. We thought it might be fun to share a few of our visions with you, and would love to hear from you on our Facebook or Instagram to see if you agree! We’d also love to know which dress or dresses you could envision a certain celebrity in, so please feel free to

No matter how many years pass we simply can’t get Gwen Stefani’s gorgeous Galliano wedding dress off our minds! Much like this Prima Donna Rachel Allan pageant dress, it was a gown you didn’t even know to want and love and lust after until you saw it. We can imagine Gwen sashaying in this pageant dress all the way to the stage at an awards show, with the jeweled underbust glimmering under the lights and the unique chiffon design adding just a touch of edge well-tempered by elegance.

Taylor is certainly no stranger to glamour, and she wears each gorgeous gown like it was made for her and her alone. While she is without question one of the prettiest people we’ve ever seen, it is Taylor’s charm and confidence that comes across in every seriously stylish gown she graces the red carpet wearing. It was a unanimous decision around the office that this Prima Donna pageant dress is “definitely Taylor!” With a sophisticated drape, uniquely-ruched bust, and oh-so-radiant embellishment that works its way from the waist to a built-in necklace, this pageant dress has an Old Hollywood glamour that will never look anything less than stunning.

Reese is well-known for bringing the glitz and unstoppable style, and we think this Prima Donna pageant dress channels her spirited, sassy and sexy sides quite well! Available in red or royal blue, these Prima Donna pageant dresses are serious showstoppers, from the abundance of beads across the bust to the flattering side slit and train.

Whichever of our Prima Donna pageant dresses you choose you’re sure to turn heads and get noticed. We hope you find your dream dress in our collection, and that you work it like the one-of-a-kind star you are!