Elllie Wilde

While we feel it is important to keep your eyes and mind open when shopping for a pageant dress, being unafraid to try new designers or opt for something that isn’t the norm for you, there are some names that have become household names for a reason - these designers reliably bring some of the boldest, beautiful, best pageant dresses you’ve ever seen! One such designer? Ellie Wilde by Mon Cheri.

Ellie pageant dresses have been wowing the pageant world for many years, from the Miss America pageant to the Miss USA pageant, with fans going beyond the pageant stage as well. Ellies’s dresses have dazzled on some of television’s most beautiful women, appearing on “The Price is Right” and “Wheel of Fortune”. He is also a favorite of celebrities looking for a jaw-dropping red carpet look, which Bowls can’t help but bring! And if you happened to see a dress or two (or 51!) at Mrs. America that you couldn’t take your eyes off, you already know how powerful, pretty, and polished Ellie Wilde by Mon Cheri pageant dresses are.

But the dresses the celebrities have worn, and those that grace the covers of magazines, are of little importance compared to the Elllie Wilde pageant dress you will wear! We are confident that if you were to find someone who had never heard of Ellie Wilde by Mon Cheri and showed them one of his gowns, they would agree without reservation that it was one of the most stunning dresses they had ever seen. While Ellie Wilde pageant dresses are a favorite of many women, they are a favorite because they never stop being amazing. Bowls knows no bad collection - he is forever upping the ante on the level of luxury that he himself created. And when a designer never settles for less than the best of the best, the result is breathtaking in its beauty and worthy of every ounce of admiration it earns.

PageantDesigns.com is home to dresses from the Ellie Wilde Collection. Whether you’re looking for something siren-sexy and gushing with glamour, or your pageant wardrobe is in serious need of a cocktail dress that’s infused with sophisticated sass, our collection of Ellie Wilde pageant dresses has it! Catch the stage lights like no other with seemingly endless sequins, shimmering charmeuse and chiffon, and ruching and rhinestones that reflect your attention to designer details as well as the light. Step out in one of our Tony Bowls pageant dresses, and get ready to step up for the crown!

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