Perfect Angels

Perfect Angels is Rachel's Allan collection specifically for young girls. This dresses are designed for a younger audience that is really starting to seriously compete in pageants and see titles like Miss America as a realistic goal rather than simply a pipe dream or something Mom whispers in her ear and she nods along with to make her mother happy. She wants this for herself now. And thanks to the years of competition that preceded this revelation, she's confident enough to know that she's really capable of attaining this title. And there's really no better competitive advantage than with a Rachel Allan Perfect Angel pageant dress. The best way to describe these dresses is really ball gowns not unlike those Cinderella herself would wear. But instead of Prince Charming and a glass slipper, your little beauty will undoubtedly find a tiara, sash and a title at the end of her fairy tale in one of these beautiful dresses. That's because Allan only uses the finest fabrics and is known in particular for her attention to detail, which is easy to see in her work with sequins and crystals.